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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Caltex Launches Techron Concentrate Plus

Chevron Philippines Inc., recently launched its Techron Concentrate Plus (TCP) fuel system cleaner. This is to ensure that Filipino motorists will benefit from Techron Concentrate Plus that has a scientifically proven formula to clean vehicle engines running on gasoline and making optimal performance for motorists.

This TCP concentrate form is an effective and easy-to-use solution. The specially designed container makes it convenient for motorists to add a bottle of TCP into their car's almost empty tank before the next gas-up. Upon full-tank, the TCP solution cleans engine deposits and protects the entire fuel system, restores lost power and performane, and helps reduce emissions while maximizing fuel economy. TCP also cleanses and protects fuel system sensors from sulphuric build-up which can make the gauge reading faulty in the long run.

Peter Morris, General Manager of Chevron Philippines, Inc., introduces Techron Concentrate Plus. TCP is an additive technology that works to get the most out of your engine. Thanks to out patented fuel additive technology, which is trusted by motorists and auto manufacturers the world over, you can use Techron. And when you do, it will clean your engine, leading to a5-star benefits including better performance, lower emissions and improved fuel economy. All Caltex fuels contain Techron.

Peter Morris, General Manager, Chevron Philippines Inc.

Five Benefits of Techron: 1. Maximized power- for maximum performance, the engine requires efficient and air deliver which is impossible if deposits are clogging the car's valves and port fuel injectors. TCP's unique chemistry is proven to remove and protect your engine from deposits in this critical areas. 2. Smoother drive- a car with a clean fuel system gives its occupants smoother and uninterrupted ride. 3. Lower emissions- TCP's unique formulation prevents harmful deposits that can cause increased emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide that is harmful to the environment. 4. Better fuel economy- having a clean engine ensures that your fuel-to-air ratio is optimized, making the car's engine function better and traveling a breeze. 5. Reliable performance- a clean engine means you can trust your vehicle to perform reliably by ensuring optimum combustion and enhancing drivability. Techron removes dirty engine deposits to help your car start smoothly without stuttering.

Joseph Bronfman, Area Business Manager  Finished Lubricants, Philippines & Vietnam

"Your vehicle engine is prone to accumulating dirt and carbon deposits over time without care. Caltex's Techron Technology is the perfect detox for your car engine. You can now deep-clean your engine in just one tankful. The launch of TCP offers our customers more options to enjoy their journey better," said Lennard Kwek, Asia Pacific Marketing Manager, Chevron Lubricants.

Lennard Kwek, Manager, Asia Pacific Marketing, Chevron Lubricants Asia Pacific

TCP allows motorists to enjoy the benefits of Techron in a portable bottle, and never have to be without the cleaning power of Techron, even when they are unable to locate a Caltex service station.

Techron Concentrate Plus will be sold at all Caltex service stations at srp P450.00. For more information about Techron technology, visit:


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