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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pampers Celebrates Baby's Precious Firsts

A baby is a blessing and everyone is always excited for the new bundle of joy especially to first time moms. There's that feeling of wonder as the baby grows inside the mommy's tummy; from the first movement, that first stretch, and that first kick. And as soon as the mother gives birth to her precious bundle of joy, Pampers offers a lending hand in building a stronger bond between mother and child by introducing the comfort that Pampers Baby Dry can offer.

First-time mom and host Ms. Gelli Victor happily recounts her experiences as a new mother to expectant Pampers Ambassador Ms. Andie Manzano- Reyes. The two had such fun with tips and expectations about giving birth and the many preparations that entails with the arrival of a new baby- the nursery, clothes, toys, and of course, diapers.

Dr. Apple Alfonso was also invited to talk about the baby's sensitive skin and the discomfort that a wet diaper can give to a baby. "Research suggests that helping to keep babies dry during sleep is one factor which may minimize disruption of sleep due to discomfort, environmental stimulation or temperature alterations. Dryness is therefore important because it will help ensure that babies' skin is kept at constant, appropriate temperature and free from irritation."

The all-new Pampers Baby Dry ensures that the baby will have uninterrupted sleep as it delivers up to 12 hours of skin dryness.

The new and improve Baby Dry diaper also has stretchy tapes that adapts to the baby's shape and movements. The magic gel makes it safe for the baby as it keeps him/her dry and have a better sleep.

Lovely mom, Ms. Gelli Victor and mom-to-be, Ms. Andie Manzano-Reyes unveils the new firsts from Pampers- the Pampers Baby-Dry.

Features and Benefits of Pampers Baby Dry:

- Soft Touch-Dry Layer
- Magic Gel
- Stretchy Tapes
- All Around Breathability
- Soft Cottony Cover
- Fun Designs

Sizes- NB (newborn) to XXL (14+ kg)


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