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Friday, January 30, 2015

ART EXHIBIT: Watercolor Mixes By Irene Ibanez

An interesting mix of water color subjects will greet guests this February at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club as watercolor artist Irene Ibanez presents her works- Watercolor Mixes.

She began her love affair with the paint brush seven years ago and her passion for art and colors are evident in her paintings. She also dabbled in acrylic but soon found out that she is much more comfortable with watercolor

It’s a challenging medium,” Ibañez says. “People think it’s easy but it’s not. It is difficult to correct mistakes in watercolor. Although you may have an end image in mind, the final result can be vastly different because of a few happy mistakes here and there. All in all, I just like to paint pieces that I find aesthetically pleasing.”          

The artist is wife to Elpidio Ibañez and a dedicated mother to their three children Diego, Basti and Bea. A tennis aficionado with an active social life, she makes time for a hobby that affords her the chance to appreciate beauty around her.       

For more information, call Chef Jessie Rockwell Club at 890-7630 and 450-2996.


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