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Friday, January 16, 2015

SkyRanch SM City Pampanga

SkyRanch recently opened at SM City Pampanga. This amusement park located in North Luzon boasts of a 10,000 sqm site of fun and happiness and conveniently located beside a mall. Touted as the newest destination for both local residents and tourists, SkyRanch has a lot of exciting attractions for the whole family.

SM Prime Holdings Inc., partnered with S&T Leisure Inc., and Westech Philippines to present a spectacular amusement park that will excite and thrill the kids and kids at heart.

SkyRanch boasts of having the tallest and biggest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines as well as other rides that rivals that of the amusement parks outside the country.

Have fun riding the Dream Log as it cascade down a raging river, or scream with glee inside the Super Viking, a gondola that swings up to 90 degrees. Of course, an amusement park is never complete without a Carousel, a double-decker one!

The Loop Roller Coaster, on the other hand, is great for thrill seekers as it completes a 360 circle at the top of the loop, completely inverting riders.  Left to right swerving, sudden speed bursts, and camel backs make this a ride to remember.  Another roller coaster, the Field Runner, will make your heart beat fast and bring on an adrenaline rush to your system.

Capture the excitement of a water ride down a raging river with the Dream Log ride.  Cruising over 50 minutes of winding waters, it ends with passengers dropping from a height of 9.5 meters into a wet and wild water track.

More thrills?  The Drop Tower slowly lifts passengers to forty feet high before releasing in a free fall . . . the Space Shuttle that swivels with three cycles going to the right, and three cycles going to the left . . .the Super Viking, an open seated gondola that swings up to 90 degrees back and forth.

There are also nostalgic rides like the Double Decker Carousel, the classic favorite ride of all time, where kids can ride on magical horses.  Designed by Peter Petz Productions of Germany, it transports one back to 20th century world fairs.  There are also modern Caterpillar and Octopus rides that give one a spinning, flipping, and twirling sensation.

Skyranch Pampanga also has a Planetarium, a theater built primarily for presenting educational and entertaining shows.  With its dome shaped projection screen, it provides objects that can be made to appear and move realistically and simulate motion.

Visitors of all ages can also have fun with games – booths for basketball, a color toss, ring toss, bowling, and darts, where park guests can bring home stuffed toys and other prizes.

Skyranch Pampanga is open to the public from 12NN to 12 midnight on weekends and from 3PM to 12 midnight on weekdays.  It is one of the many exciting attractions for the whole family at SM City Pampanga.


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