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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year

I'm sure you've read about my Noche Buena post which was actually a big family celebration so I'm guessing you're curious how we celebrated Media Noche or New Year's Eve, right?

For Media Noche, we also follow my family's decades old Greeting the New Year Tradition and that is to celebrate New Year's Eve in "our" homes.

Of course, even if its just "us" at home, we still have to prepare a feast or fill up the table so that the whole year will be bountiful in terms of blessings. The whole house must also be spic and span and all lights must be lighted to greet the New Year. We also light some incense and candles, instead of firecrackers. Also, we begin our Media Noche meal with a special prayer of gratitude for the past year and prayer for blessings and guidance for a better year. Then we (that's hubby, daughter and me) eat our Media Noche feast while the rest of the neighborhood are busy lighting firecrackers and making happy noises to usher in the New Year.

We also spend January 1 inside the house also because of the belief that by doing so, we will be more united and loving as a family. Well, we did follow this tradition before until this January 1, when hubby's siblings scheduled an annual get-together to visit their paternal uncle (and his family), and their maternal aunt. Oh wells, there's always next year to do the "staying at home" tradition- hehe.


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