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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TRAVEL: Ta Prohm Temple in Siem Reap

Of all the temples at Ancient Angkor, Ta Prohm has mileage when it comes to popularity thanks to Lara Croft and Tomb Raider. Of course, my friend and I were so excited to visit this since this temple is the reason why we went to Siem Reap. The other reason was because another friend bullied us into travelling to Siem Reap but ended up not joining us (long story).

It was still early when we visited Ta Prohm because we really didn't stay long at Angkor Wat and Bayon. I mean, I know that these two temples have their own charms but we have visions of Lara. ;)

Ta Prohm is a temple within a forest and not as accessible as Angkor Wat and Bayon so the trees and plants grew and grew until it almost swallowed the temple.

There are several huge trees (maybe Ents?) inside Ta Prohm.

And since the trees literally swallowed parts of the temple, some parts have metal braces to support the doorway or window from being destroyed. The assigned "restorers" of Ta Prohm (joint project between the Cambodian Government and India) has a dilemma. To save the temple, they need to cut away some trees. Or to save the trees, but in doing so- the temple might be ruined in a few more years.

That's my friend, playing Temple Run. :)

Here's what Ta Prohm looks like from outside.

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*** All photos taken using Lenovo S960 (VibeX)


  1. very very nice! I think I do remember the scenes from Tomb Raider a bit....;)

    1. I've been forever searching for a Tomb Raider cd/dvd so that my daughter can watch it. She wanted to go to Siem Reap this coming summer :) - edel

  2. Great experience! I do hope we could travel there really soon. Nakakainggit... :)

    1. Siem Reap is a great place for backpackers .. you can save a lot of tuktuk or cab fare if you rent a bike which costs $1-2 /day :) - edel

  3. My sister wants to go to Cambodia to see Angkor Wat and Ta Prohm. I told her I still have to save up for a budget. Is it expensive?

    1. Its super cheap in Siem Reap ... although they have their own currency, they prefer US$. A meal can costs as low as $1-2


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