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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oriental Painting Exhibit by Lao Shr Ceasar Cheng

Lao Shr (teacher) Ceasar Cheng, the foremost authority when it comes to the Lingnan School Tradition of Chinese Painting here in Manila recently opened his first solo exhibit at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club. The exhibit highlights the vivid and graceful brushstroke paintings of Lao Shr Cheng.

Comparing to Traditional Chinese Painting which sometimes look flat and two-dimensional, a Lingnan School painting is "more realistic as it combines realism with fluid bold expression." With this tradition, the painting is not only vibrant and pleasing to the eyes. It communicates to the soul and senses of the viewer.

It was in the late 1960's when Lao Shr Cheng had his first taste of the Art of Chinese Painting when he enrolled in the summer workshop at the Liberty Hall in Manila's Chinatown. From then on, he continued the workshop during the summer years when he was in high school.

Lao Shr Cheng with his oriental painting students. 

He discovered his love for drawing since his childhood days by copying the caricatures from local comics which he would then attach to the office table of his father. However, even if his drawings showed great promise, he ended up taking Commerce at the University of Sto. Tomas in Manila.

Lao Shr Cheng learned from the best Lingnan School Tradition masters also such as Liang Chung Ming, Liang Siu Chung and Wen Bi Ing, all of whom came from Taiwan.

Lao Shr Cheng with Ms. Vicky Zubiri

It was only in 2009 when he began to hold the brush seriously not just a passion but also to share his knowledge about the Lingnan School Tradition of Chinese Painting. His advice to his students- "If you want to excel in painting, you must have time, observe nature, do lots of practice, be patient, and enjoy."

Lao Shr Cheng is a soft-spoken man who cringe when being called "Master" by his students. He prefers the simple title of teacher (lao shr) than Master. He also mentioned that he is still continuing to learn as he teaches his students.

As with other forms of art, painting is therapeutic and is a nice way to relax and remove stress away from the mind. He doesn't want to limit himself to a single subject matter but instead follows his heart when holding the brush.

The unusual ribbon cutting ceremony sans scissors.

The lovely ladies and gentlemen who are the Guests of Honor each received an ang pao with a nice surprise inside.

Mr. Rizalde Laudencia giving the introduction speech.

Lao Shr Cheng welcoming everyone to his first solo exhibit.

Chef Jessie receiving a surprise painting. 


 It was indeed a very joyous occasion with smiling guests and lots of laughter.Of course, Lao Shr Cheng is also surrounded by family and friends who all cheered as he marks his first solo exhibition. As they say, after the first comes the second one. Here's looking forward to your next exhibition Lao Shr Cheng. Congratulations !!!

The painting exhibit runs from July 1 to 31, 2014 at Chef Jessie Rockwell Club. For more details, you may call  890.6543 or 890.7630. Chef Jessie Rockwell Club is located at Amorsolo Square, Rockwell Center, Makati City.

* * *

Viva Manilena also like to thank Lao Shr Cheng, Ms. Imelda Tan, Ms. Penk Ching, and Ms. Margie Yu for this lovely and generous gift. Thank you very much. :) 


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