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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Fila And The ATAT Racing Team

Last July 9, 2014, Fila and Any Time- All The Time (ATAT) Racing Group announced its partnership with a meet-and-greet with media friends at Jill's Restaurant in The Fort. The partnership is brought about by their mutual love for extreme luxurious sports.

All members of ATAT at least own one or two Ducati bikes although they rarely use it on a daily basis. But they do have a monthly schedule wherein they get to test the prowess of their luxury bikes.

The ATAT Racing Team is shown here with model Katarina Rodriguez during one of the numerous photo ops.

Fila's ambassador Fabio Ide.

ATAT Racing Group's Treasurer is seen here explaining to the media guests about their advocacy to promote safety in driving/riding motorcycles such as wearing helmets and following speed limits. As for their Ducatis, they only use it whenever they're in the riding arena because the speed of Ducatis is not meant for the regular roads here because of the speed limit.

Membership to ATAT is by invitation only and is sponsored by another member. This membership guideline makes the club alluring to would be members although they must keep in mind that they should own a European brand (or maybe Ducati) of bikes that is above 1,000 cc.

Most members of this exclusive bikers club are among the creme de la creme when it comes to the Manila's business scene although they're quick to say that biking is just a hobby (albeit expensive) for them. Presently, there are 24 ATAT Racing Group members.

Aside from the launch, the highlight of the night was the birthday of Ms. Cris Albert, the force behind Fila.

The ever generous Ms. Cris Albert treated everyone to a night of merriment that includes raffling of Technomarine watches, Fila shoes, and vodkas (from Ralph's Wines and Spirits).


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