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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cignal TV Teams Up With Dolby Digital Plus

Subscribers of Cignal TV gets to enjoy the cinematic audio experience of their favorite movies and feel the intensity of all the sound effects right at the comfort of their homes- thanks to the powerful sound technology of Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound.

The partnership between Cignal TV and Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound is also one of the first in the Philippines. Cignal TV is not just about channels and content; it is also about providing subscribers with the best viewing experience possible. Superb clarity, visually and audibly, and it just got better with Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound.

Cignal TV is the leading Direct-to-Home (DTH) pay TV provider, has constantly been pushing the boundaries of clarity, not just for video, but for audio as well. The country's leading provider of high definition channels already supports Dolby Digital Sound technology in its HD channels.

Many would say that this combination is already unmatched. However, with their commitment to keep upgrading the viewing experience of its subscribers, Cignal TV is once again setting a new standard in home TV viewing.

Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound is designed for world's next generation devices. It is an evolution of sound technology that allows users to hear superb digital audio whether they are watching on their TV or on their smartphone or tablets. This new sound technology is something that only a few nearby countries have done for television- Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, India and the Middle East. And now, its here in the Philippines.

Dolby brand is associated with top-notch sound technology. Through Cignal's partnership with Dolby, it will be able to share the benefits of best-in-class surround sound technology with the subscribers. Cignal will continue to innovate and upgrade services to live up to its commitment- to give subscribers a viewing experience that is second to none.


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