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Saturday, June 11, 2022

Shop To Fly Fly To Shop with PAL x SMAC

PAL Mabuhay Miles and SMAC launches a new lifestyle program that elevates travel and shopping experiences. 

With PAL and SMAC partnership, the Shop To Fly Fly To Shop Loyalty Program expands its ways to earn and enjoy Mabuhay Miles and SMAC points. PAL's frequent flyers can convert their Mabuhay Miles to SMAC point and SM loyal shoppers can convert their SMAC points to Mabuhay Miles. 

Converting points is simple- For every 500 Mabuhay Miles Points, it can be converted to 50 SMAC Points, while 250 SMAC Points can be converted to 100 Mabuhay Miles. 

The partnership aims to give loyal customers the best of both worlds- as they can fly more to local and international destinations covered by PAL and shop more at The SM Store, SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, and Savemore, and other retail brands like Waltermart, Alfamart, The Body Shop, Uniqlo, Levi's, SM Appliance, Our Home, Crate and Barrel, Surplus Shop, Toy Kingdom, and many more. 

Visit and to convert SMAC Points to Mabuhay Miles, and Mabuhay Miles to SMAC Points. 

"PAL Mabuhay Miles continues to evolve as a pervasive lifestyle program that offers everything that makes the Heart of the Filipino beat- travel, shopping, dining, and more," said Stanley Ng, PAL President and CEO. "We continue to find ways for earning Miles to be part of everyday life. Our partnership with SMAC is the key to achieving this goal. We are delighted to co-create this innovative offering with SMAC and offer greater value to both our customers." 

"We are pleased with this partnership to further ignite Filipinos' passion for traveling and shopping at a very crucial time, we help push the country toward full economic recovery. This initiative promotes further engagement and customer delight to both SM shoppers and PAL flyers," said Kevin Hartigan-Go, Digital Advantage Corp. CEO. "Mabuhay Miles members can enjoy their earned miles beyond travel-related activities and SM Shoppers can now fly with their SMAC points convertible to PAL Mabuhay Miles."

As of date, there are almost 5 million Mabuhay Miles members enjoying flight and lifestyle benefits and perks. Mabuhay Miles also has partnerships with banks, hotels, cruises, travel agencies, and continues to expand its partnerships with lifestyle brands. Meanwhile, SMAC maintains almost 6 million members and the widest network of over 4,000 stores nationwide. 

The "Shop To Fly Fly To Shop" campaign is part of Philippine Airlines' 81st anniversary offerings and its commitment to leveraging creativity and innovation in continuously delivering delight to customers and serving as the country's flag carrier. SMAC continues to evolve and elevate its member benefits and privileges as a way of thanking and rewarding its most loyal customers. 


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