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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

5 Reasons Why I Like Rapoo V500 Pro

As a student, one of the things I've been doing a lot in the online college setup was writing papers, papers, and more papers. This had a lot to do with my majors which are mostly researched-oriented. I would spend days, and even long nights on my laptop to get these done. 

So the more I do papers, the more I've gotten to appreciate having a keyboard backlight. There were times that I just wanted to lay down in bed but still accomplish my school works, and definitely having a keyboard with a backlight was a big help for that. Since I was also a person who preferred to work with background noise, it was an added bonus being accompanied by the 'clacking' of my keyboard that getting distracted by music or the series I had playing in the background. 

Now my laptop can easily do these by itself- but using the Rapoo V500 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard was helpful for that boost of productivity.

So what made the Rapoo V500 a great addition to my study setup?

1. Definitely the color! It comes in pink or purple, your choice. As someone who finds comfort in the 'clacking' of the keypads when I work, it's hard to find other keyboard choices that had color options unless I built one myself.

2. The keyboard backlight. As someone who casually games- I find myself enjoying the RGB setup but only when I play. It can be too distracting to have a full RGB setup while working on papers and so the white backlight of this keyboard makes it great to work with for my papers. 

3. Keyboard inclusion. I've gotten to use this keyboard a lot for my school works and org works, and having a separate keyboard made working on these more convenient. It prevents you from accidentally end up pressing any of the f key functions which is quite helpful. 

4. Did I mention that it was a mechanical keyboard? Because yup, the 'clacking' are great for gaming and writing papers. Being someone without the slightest clue on where to start for building keyboards to experience that 'clacking' and wanting to find the perfect color for my setup, the Rapoo V500 Pro is a good way to get that mechanical keyboard without having to go through building one for yourself. 

5. G one game? G. Aside from my school works, it's the perfect keyboard to use for a casual gamer like me. The width between the keys are just right for that fast dodge after whiffing your shots, or that quick peek to recon against your enemy's sniper.

Words by: Isabel Santiago

PS. The keyboard works well with Windows laptops vs MacBook 


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