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Friday, May 27, 2022

#SalamatDoc : Being Prepared with Nafarin A

My mother was OC when it comes to takin care of us, her family. She had numerous boxes, tins, envelopes for what she called for emergencies. I used to tease her about it but it just fell on deaf ears. Fast forward when I already have a family of my own and surprise surprise, I seem to have unconsciously inherited some of her penchant for tin boxes filled with stuff for emergencies. Hahaha

I have this mooncake tin box that I converted into a medicine box. It contains paracetamols, allergy medicines, mucolytics, vitamins, lozenges, etc. Of course, there's also small pouches with medicines that I bring with me when we travel. 

And it does come in handy especially when the weather is too hot and then there will be a sudden change like rain, then will revert to high temperature. 

For someone who has a family history of asthma, this sudden change in temperature can spell trouble as me and my daughter can easily develop a cold. Or when I do house chores such as dusting, my eyes usually get itchy then I'll be sneezing like there's no tomorrow. 

Luckily, Nafarin A comes to the rescue and a single tablet can make the symptoms go away without turning it into a full-blown asthma. 

So I am really thankful that I have this box full of medicines for any emergencies at home and is easily and readily accessible. I also make sure that the contents are always complete and I also take note of expiry dates. And yes, #salamatdoc #dapatreadysabahayngNafarinA 


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