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Monday, May 16, 2022

Dagupan's foodpanda Solo Walker is A Single Mom

foodpanda, one of the country's food delivery app, aims to give opportunities to Filipinos regardless of gender to become a "Ka Panda" delivery partner. We are familiar with foodpanda's delivery partners in motorcycles or bicycles, but you might be surprised that others deliver on food. 

As such, a Ka-Panda walker partner in Dagupan area holds the distinction of being foodpanda's lone walker in that area. She is Sheila Macabenta, a 43-year old single mother to her 3 children.

Before being a Ka-Panda walker, Shiela has been jumping from one job to another. Facing hardship didn't stop her from working because of her desire to provide for her children. 

For Shiela, being a Ka-Panda walker is rewarding, but the job also comes with its fair share of challenges- from the unpredictable weather she faces every day to the long walks to deliver her orders. But none of them compares to the fulfillment of being able to support the needs of her family. 

"Malaking tulong si foodpanda sa financial needs namin. Nakakaya ko nang tustusan yun mga basic expenses namin katulad ng pagkain, pambayad ng renta sa bahay, at iba pang bills. Mahalaga yun sa mga nanay na tulad ko na mag-isa lang nagtataguyod ng pamilya.

One thing she also learned from her experience is that respect and determination in her line of work are important. "Pag nagtrabaho, kailangan ng tiyaga at respeto. Walang trabahong pang-babae or pang-lalaki lang. Basta's kaya, magpatuloy lang dahil walang madali sa umpisa."

As we celebrate our ilaw ng tahanan this month, we also honor single parents like her who act as both mother and father, working tirelessly to provide for their families.

No matter what obstacles or hurdles she faced- whether as a single mother or a woman- Ka-Panda walker Shiela has proven that with eagerness and dedication, nothing is impossible. Mothers like her who are able to juggle working and taking care of their families are always an inspiration, and there's no better gift than making them feel both our love and respect. 

"Kahit ilang kilometro man ang kailangan lakarin, hindi ako magsasawang maghatid ng orders sa mga customers namin. Kahit ano mang pagsubok, basta't andyan ang pamilya ko at mga customers na patuloy na sumasaludo sa ginawa ko, kakayanin ko. Tuloy lang sa lakad ng buhay," added Shiela. 


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