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Saturday, May 14, 2022

HOTEL REVIEW: Casa Kalinaw in San Juan, Batangas

Summers are best spent on the beach.

Now that the lockdown restrictions are becoming a thing of the past, boarders are opening up and people can now travel without thinking of getting a PCR or Antigen test. So one fine Monday, we found ourselves traveling South to San Juan, Batangas. Destination Casa Kalinaw. 

Casa Kalinaw is located in a remote spot in San Juan, Batangas. A bit far from the usual crowded beaches, this private beachfront home boasts of Instagrammable interiors and picturesque view. 

Our family of 12 shared 3 twin rooms between us although the place can accommodate up to 25 pax, and has a total of 5 rooms. Please do take note that only one group can rent the whole place, so you'll enjoy bonding moments with the family or friends. 

Our room is not fussy and has its own private T&B, as well as being fully air-conditioned. There's an open cabinet for clothes, bags, and such. Pillows are not fluffy though so please manage expectations. 

The two-storey house has 'display' kitchen on the 2nd floor, including dining and living room area. If you want to cook, service kitchen is beside the pool. I love the wooden furniture and white and glass walls. Aside from having a nice ventilation (a.k.a. fresh air), it also has lots of natural light coming in from the glass windows and doors. You can even admire the lush greeneries outside. 

It was raining when we arrived so the sky was not that blue. From the inside, you'll see the lanai, infinity pool, and service kitchen with table/bench on the far right of photo (below). 

I love the lounge chairs by the pool. 

Of course, we're all excited once the rain stopped because there's a rainbow on the horizon. Sand color is dark, and the water is not that clear during our stay. 

At night, Casa Kalinaw turns into a nicely lit beach house. We were celebrating my sister-in-laws birthday and she prepared grilled steaks and salmon, chapchae, and several choices of cakes and drinks. We brought our own utensils and disposable plates which was a blessing since Casa Kalinaw doesn't really provide utensils and plates, glasses. 

Overall, it was a nice stay at Casa Kalinaw. The beach house was facing East so some of us woke up early to watch daybreak. It was really a nice experience to see the actual color of the horizon change from black to pinkish and orange glow until the sun eventually showed itself. 

We did swam in the sea (low tide) but not really happy about the cleanliness since there are floating plastics and stuff. Such a shame really. I do hope that the local government unit will tell the residents to maintain the cleanliness of the area. Btw, there's a public beach at the other end although Casa Kalinaw has its own private road. 

Casa Kalinaw
Lot 3A, Brgy. Abung
San Juan, Batangas. 


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