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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Banwa Private Island: A Sanctuary For Nature Lovers

Banwa Private Island is proud to give credence to its everyday heroes, who work passionately together to protect Mother Nature. The team's collective love of nature has continuously inspired each one to be the custodians of the environment. 

Meet Bernard, who leads the Aquos Foundation in various local conservation endeavors and research initiatives. The Aquos Foundation, with the mission to conserve, protect and nurture the rich biodiversity in and around the marine protected reserve, is the environmental arm of Banwa Private Island. 

Having grown up in Palawan, Bernard is very much an expert when it comes to the flora and fauna of the island. A registered nurse by profession, his intrinsic gift of care and empathy has transcended to both people and nature. He is a pioneer of Aquos Foundation, and has played a vital role in protecting and restoring the habitats of the critically endangered Mantanano Scops Owl, Hawksbill Turtle, and the Tabon Bird (Megapode).

He works with scientists and researchers of note recording the growth of birdlife from 15 species in 2014 to 60 species in 2021 through area research methods and photo documentation. Tabon bird nests grew from only 3 nests in 2012 to 200 nests in 2021. The thriving island landscape provides the perfect habitat for various migratory and native birds. 

In 2018, there were 180 reef balls laid out on the sea floor as part of the Reef Rehabilitation Programme providing shelter to Hawksbill Turtles. From learning how to swim with a life jacket, Bernard is currently in the process of furthering his dive education to Dive Master. He proudly inspects these reef balls with flourishing marine life and growing coral colonies. 

At Banwa Private Island, guests can have an active part in these eco-initiatives by joining Bernard on nature walks around the island, snorkeling the house reef and exploring the radiant corals, keeping count of how many local bird species one can spot in the lush vegetation, or witnessing the magic of baby turtles being released to the turquoise waters. 

For inquiries, you can visit: 
mobile: +639178882864 


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