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Thursday, July 1, 2021

Museo Pambata's Bahay Pukyutan Playground

Museo Pambata Foundation Inc., recently blessed its new playground space called Bahay Pukyutan. The blessing which took place last June 24, coincided with the commemoration of Manila Day. The playground features living and learning spaces for children and adults that emphasize the connection and importance of our environment and the natural world.

"We are happy that there's another place in Museo Pambata for kids to explore and hone their physical and social skills. We believe that this new interactive space will shape the future children of Manila and create a better learning environment for them," says Bambi Manosa-Tanjutco. "Once the restrictions ease, we will welcome everyone to Museo Pambata and share the new spaces we created for them to explore."

Gracing the event with their presence were Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso and Vice Mayor Dr. Honey Lacuna. They were joined by Museo Pambata President Bambi Manosa-Tanjutco, and Museo Pambata Chair and Founder, Dr. Nina Lim-Yuson. 

Since last year, after the lockdown restrictions was lifted to allow workers, the Museo Pambata focused its energy in improving the outdoor spaces of the museum. Its design was inspired by the late National Artist for Architecture, Francisco "Bobby" Manosa, who made an original wooden structure in the old Parks and Wildlife Bureau in Quezon City, now known as the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife. 

The Bahay Pukyutan Playground is patterned after the geometry of the honeycomb, the interconnected hexagonal shapes that provides a multi-level play space. 

A 450th year commemorative stamp and coin was also turned over to Museo Pambata, a historial gesture from the City of Manila. Mayor Isko also signed postcards which are addressed to the future kids of Manila and were dropped inside the Museo Pambata's vintage mailbox.


Museo Pambata is located along Roxas Boulevard near T.M. Kalaw, Manila. 


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