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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Seamless Online Transactions via GCash' QR on Demand

Health and safety, and a lot of social distancing is on every one's minds nowadays especially that the Covid-19 virus is still around. Because of this, businesses and consumers were forced to shift their transactions online such as buying grocery, food, medicine, pay bills, send money, and even donate.

GCash has launched the Personal QR or QR on Demand as a safe and effective alternative to send/receive money so that small businesses will have a faster and more secure mode of payment for their products and services without the need to input one's mobile number.

Since its launch last February 2021, GCash has seen more than 100,000 users who transacted using the Personal QR. By March, the superlife app has managed to convert at least 10,000 informal sellers to generate their own QR codes.

The Personal QR has been a game-changer in the pandemic, as it allows users- from online sellers and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to individuals like doctors and taxi drivers- seamless transactions with their customers.

Now, they are sharing their Personal QRs on their websites, social media accounts, and print outs by their stalls, without the need to share their mobile numbers. What's more, they can personalize the QR by indicating the amount that their customers should be paying them. 

Aside from businesses, even you can generate your own QR code. Simply log-in to your GCash app, tap receive via QR option on the Send Money icon.


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