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Thursday, July 9, 2020

TikTok Motivates Filipinos to be Creative in The New Normal

Being under quarantine and forced to stay inside the house because of the Covid-19 pandemic did not deter Filipinos in staying connected with family and socializing with friends. Of course, thanks to technology because every one can easily access online platforms to get news updates, watch movies or drama series, work, and have a social life under quarantine. And there's also TikTok to keep us entertained.

TikTok's popularity has risen especially this year, with more than 300 million registered users from both iOS and Android during the first quarter of the year. To date, it has now 2 billion downloads from where it was 15 months ago. In the country alone, TikTok has become quite popular at the onset of quarantine. One of its appeal is that it supports 75 languages that includes Cebuana and Tagalog.

"Our mission has always been to inspire creativity and bring joy," said John Castro, Community Operations Manager of TikTok Philippines. " We want to help people stay connected, stay informed, stay entertained. It is also about inspiring others."

It used to be a Gen Z thing but TikTok has crossed over the borders and other generations are now joining in on the fun. "We have dancers, chefs, cooks. It's not just about the dance trends, it's more about the creators, the users, and the community," Castro added.

Because people were stuck at home due to the pandemic, there is a major shift about authentic content and this is one of the main reason why TikTok became popular. TikTok is mostly expressing one's own individuality.

Lifestyle influencer Lauren Uy is known for her travel photos but her content has been restricted a lot when quarantine was announced. "As a content creator, I still want to keep my creativity going even at home," says Lauren Uy.

She was surprised by the new platform and the amount of learning on TikTok which inspired her to produce informational content for her audiences.

"If you're coming into TikTok thinking your can do the same thing you can do to other platforms, you're probably going to be mediocre," added Castro.

For Lauren though, it means diversifying content for different social media channels. "If my content on Instagram is more fashion and lifestyle focused, my content on TikTok would be focused on fun and infotainment."

TikTok is a community-driven platform that will make creators exercise creativity and experimentation.

"On TikTok, you'll see different types of challenges and videos you might not see on other platforms. We want you guys to express your creativity. It can be in the weirdest way possible. We embrace weird, and we want you guys to do that on TikTok," concluded Castro.


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