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Friday, July 3, 2020

Shopee 7.7 Free Shipping Fiesta #FitnessGoals

Shopee 7.7 Free Shipping Fiesta on July 7 highlights #FitnessGoals with big discounts, and exclusive offers from premium brands.

Keeping fit is important and aside from eating healthily, exercise is also needed. Because of the current pandemic situation where most of us are quarantined at home, going to the gym is really out of the question. But hey, you can stay fit and fab even at home. There are seven home fitness essentials that you can find on Shopee's 7.7 Free Shipping Fiesta Sale. Users can also enjoy offers such as P7 deals, free shipping with P0 minimum spend for featured stores, up to 90% off on selected products, and cash prizes.

Seven Home Fitness Essentials:

1. Elastic Training Band. This band is ideal of fitness enthusiast as it has different weight categories per band selection. It is made of natural latex and provides maximum resistance that is intended for both professional athletes and beginners. 

2. Non-Slip Gym Mat. This is perfect for yoga or actually, any exercise that needs stretching because it ensures that you won't slip while doing your routine. It also has a variety of colors to choose from such as yellow, purple, pink, blue, and black.

3. Steel Wire Jumping Rope. This is not your usual jumping rope. Surprisingly, this steel wire jumping rope is lightweight, and comes with a thin handle for an easier grip. It is also durable and long lasting as compared to the usual jumping ropes. Color choices include: black, pink, red, yellow, blue, and gray.

4. Sports ArmBand. This is very functional especially if you like listening to music while exercising. It has lightweight material and is sweat resistant that really works wonder especially if you are the type of person who does intense fitness routines.

5. Insulated Sports Water Bottle. Being hydrated is important when you exercise. This hydro flask water bottle is the perfect workout partner as it can hold cold or hot beverages thanks to its TempShield Insulation technology. It comes in six colors- light green, orange, red, gray, black, and white.

6. Sports Running Shoes. Add a pop of color to your outfit while you do your morning walk, jog, or run with this pair of comfortable shoes. It has breathable upper material and has the right sole support and cushion.

7. Activity Tracker. This tracker band helps monitor your heart rate, measures steps taken, and even records your sleep patterns. It is water resistant so can be used while swimming or even in the shower so you need not take it off.


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