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Friday, May 8, 2020

HOTEL REVIEW: Fairmont Makati

When choosing a hotel for our staycation, we always favor those that are near restaurants or shops or the mall. Location is also very important especially for my husband who sometimes need to meet clients at a moment's notice.

We choose Fairmont Makati because of its proximity to my daughter's favorite malls in Makati. Another factor for choosing Fairmont is that the food there tastes great. And yes, we just need to cross the street to go to the mall. ;)

I did my reservation online via and it was very easy. All I did was show my reservation details at the hotel's front desk, and we were then accompanied to our room. Check-in time is 2:00pm.

Our assigned room was at the 8th floor and window is facing southwest which gives us a nice view of San Lorenzo Village and beyond. Yes, we can see the skyway. We opted for the twin room since there's 3 of us.

Here are the nice twin beds (double!) Very comfy and smells fresh and clean.

There's the closet, mini fridge, and coffee cabinet.

My daughter came from school and has tons of homework even if the following day is a holiday. Thanking the fast hotel internet because she was able to finish her homework and research paper.

And there's a surprise inside the bathroom. Aside from the shower, there's a bathtub! My daughter is crazy about bathtubs so time to buy some bath balls. :D Btw, not all hotels has standard or deluxe rooms with bathtubs so this is really a nice treat.

Here's the pool. Weren't able to take a dip but the pool area is a nice place to chill or read a book, like I did.

Another reason for the staycation is that my daughter will celebrate her birthday in 2 days time so this is actually a surprise-not-surprise staycation. Thanking Fairmont Makati for the lovely chocolate cake.

To sum it up, we love our staycation at Fairmont Makati and will definitely stay there again soon.

Fairmont Makati
1 Raffles Drive
Makati Avenue,
Makati City


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