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Monday, May 4, 2020

Embracing Online Shopee-ing During Quarantine Time

The Covid-19 pandemic has given most of us a drastic change in lifestyle especially when it was announced that the metropolis will be under quarantine or lockdown so as to stem the spreading of the virus. It is quite unthinkable that most of us (with the exception of frontliners) will be cooped-up inside our home for an indefinite period of time. 

Luckily, e-commerce has already been popular in our country so buying grocery, or wet-market shopping online is easy for us. Another nice thing about online shopping, one can get great discounts during special promotions such the on-going 5.5 Shopee Mart.

At Shopee, one need not worry about going to different portals or websites when shopping for essentials because it is a one-stop-shop. Really, no kidding. 

My daughter was feeling a bit sad because had it not been for the pandemic, we would've been off to another destination or food-tripping. But Shopee Mart can satisfy one's cravings for ramyun, Japanese coffee and the likes. 

If you notice the price of each item, it is a bit cheaper than the ones you find in groceries so that's plus points already. But at Shopee, there are Flash Deals where one can really, really be lucky and pay only P5. 

And for those who love P&G products like me, you'll find it enjoyable to shop for your favorite items. There's also Nestle, Wyett, Abott, etc. But the treats doesn't stop at getting discounts or Flash Sales, if you reach a certain amount, your items will be sent to you FREE of charge. Cool, right?

The 5.5 Shopee Mart #ShopeeFromHome sale is until May 5 only so be sure to stock up on your essentials and save on discounts. Items include groceries, personal care, baby care, and much, much more. 

But for me, what I like about Shopee is that it is a shopper's paradise where one can literally get any item that are not usually available on the grocery or the country such as Ichiran ramen, Thai milk tea, Vietnamese coffee, Rendang or Laksa sauce, etc. It's like you travelled but didn't really leave the comfort of your home (hello, quarantine!). 

Download the Shopee app on your mobile via App Store or Play Store. 


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