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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Fly Now, Pay Later with CEBPAC x Cashalo

Cashalo is a fintech company that aims for financial inclusivity for every Filipino. Cashalo is an online digital-credit payment solution that is a nice alternative to cash and traditional credit. Its latest innovation is the Pay with Cashalo that allows a regular consumer to have the same opportunity as those with traditional credit cards but with a much more lenient requirements. Pay with Cashalo members will also have the ease to pay for their online transactions with this mobile-first solution.

"Fly Now, Pay Later is the Philippines' first ever financial service of Cashalo. Based on research, Filipinos used to borrow money to fly especially those without credit cards or you pay at partner centers. With Fly Now, Pay Later, Filipinos can travel to any domestic location with up to P7k credits," said Linda Lan, VP for Digital Commerce Oriente, Cashalo. "The Cashalo app is very easy to use, just download it on your phone and create a profile, then look for the Fly Now, Pay Later button. Aside from the service, we also have the Cash Academy where every one can take financial literacy quiz both online and offline. The Cash Academy aims to improve Filipinos financial knowledge. Cashalo is also one of the founding members of FinTech Alliance Philippines, and we are very happy to be partnering with Cebu Pacific for this innovative moment."

The Cashalo x Cebu Pacific partnership is the first-ever airline ticketing financing solution designed to enable Filipinos to fly now and pay later. Thru this, travelers can book domestic flights to up P7k credit on Cebu Pacific and with this new alternative payment solution, can also pay in installment for three or six months.

"As Cebu Pacific enables every Juan to fly by broadening the base of travelers with affordable and accessible flights, our partnership with Cashalo will harness more potential travelers through a fly now, pay later scheme. It will enhance payment options for our customers and even provide assistance to those who have urgent travel needs," said Candice Iyog, VP for Marketing and Customer Experience, Cebu Pacific.

For the succeeding months, expert more Cashalo partnership with other merchants as they integrate Pay with Cashalo as a payment alternative.


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