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Friday, August 23, 2019

DO IT RIGHT Campaign Enjoins Filipinos to Support RH and Family Planning

The DO IT RIGHT Campaign is an alliance of 11 organizations that aims to support family planning and reproductive heath (RH) in the Philippines. This is also to encourage Filipinos to learn more about Responsible Parenthood and RH Law.

"The DO IT RIGHT campaign is designed to encourage everyone to take those beliefs they already hold inside and share them out in the open, proudly, especially on social media like Facebook," said Benjamin de Leon, President of The Forum for Family Planning and Development, one of the co-organizer. "By showing each other how many feel the same, in a positive, celebratory spirit, Filipinos can together free themselves of old inhibitions."

The campaign will includes a lot of events to that highlights Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Family Planning thru social media, festivals, billboards, print, and radio.

Members of the coalition include DKT Philippines, the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines, The Forum for Family Planning and Development, The Philippine Society for Responsible Parenthood, LoveYourself, RTI International, SheDecides Philippines, and all four professional associations for the country's midwives.

"This is wide open. We invite anyone who feels this topic is important-- companies, famous Filipinos, anyone-- to come on board," said Hyam Asher Bolande, Chairman of the Board of DKT Philippines. "Following the example of the #MeToo anti-sexual harassment movement that grew in North America as more and more women spoke up, the DO IT RIGHT campaign is designed to gather strength over time."

With DO IT RIGHT, there will be an improved campaign about RH education and more access to modern contraception especially for those in the lower bracket of society. Many have opposed the RH Law in the past and that includes some religious sector but given the current statistics such as rising cases of HIV and STDs, and over population, there is a pressing need to address these problems.

"It is high time for society to finally put aside fears and embarrassment about this topic and declare openly-- as the majority of Filipinos, together -- that RH is okay and that it is responsible," said Nandy Senoc, FPOP Executive Director. "When youth and women are empowered, there will be no teen pregnancies, no early marriages, no unwanted pregnancies or abortions. When women are well informed, the fight against poverty is already halfway won."


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