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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Its FUN to Play in the Streets at BGC

Every Sunday beginning this March, 9th Avenue in BGC will be filled with outdoor games that is sure to bring back a lot of childhood memories of you and your friends playing in the streets.

My Street, High Street promotes outdoor play and reintroduce kids to classic outdoor games such as Tumbang Preso, Piko, and Chinese Garter. And to make it more fun, there are huge versions of Snakes & Ladders, Jengga,  Jack and the Giant Stones, and a huge slide. There's also a game of Limbo Rock and some Hula Hoops.

"Here in BGC we always think of ways to promote a healthy and active street life for our BGCitizens," said Sean Luarca, Marketing Manager at Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC), the developer and master planner of BGC. "All of our projects within the BGC community create street camaraderie and in turn makes the street life of BGC dynamic and vibrant. With this My Street, High Street campaign, we encourage our BGCitizens to go out of their units and embrace the street lifestyle and have some real fun under the sun."

My Street, High Street is not just for kids though. Even the adults had fun taking turns in playing their favorite childhood games.

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