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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Devant’s 7:30PM G2G Holiday Treat

It is the Holiday Season again and there are a lot of good cheer in the air as there are numerous family get-togethers and having quality time with the family. There’s also the time we spend with friends and relatives to reminisce on childhood memories and such, feasting with them as everyone really looks forward to be together during the holiday season.

And aside from catching up and feasting, another fun and bonding activity that really keeps the family together is being glued to the TV and watching Holiday Season favorites such as Love Actually, A Christmas Carol, or maybe watch the family’s current favorite KDrama like Legend of the Blue Sea or Weightlifting Fairy.

Devant’s 7:30PM G2G habit aims to turn our love for technology into a meaningful and quality family bonding activity. And not only that, technology has really become an integral part of our life that you can shop, share memories, communicate of search for information without really leaving the comfort of your home. 

It is in this convenience that Devant, aims to tap and promote by delving deep into what matters most— one’s family. Driven by the tagline “Changing lives in a big way,” Devant hopes to instill the importance of strengthening personal ties by simply enjoying a simple habit— watching TV.

Through the Devent 7:30PM G2G (get-together) campaign, Devant hopes to create moments where people can take a break from their busy schedules, and spend some quiet, quality time with the people that they love the mosr— and what better way to bond that watch your favorite shows together on Devant’s Big Screen TVs. The watching experience is also enhance by Devant’s Ultra HD Big Screen TV’s complemented with surround sound to make bonding nights more memorable.

Devant's 5 Main Features:

SmartTV (Netflix ready)
Multi-media player
ISDTV Receiver (first brand to launch ISDTV receiver)
Any View Cast or Screen Mirroring

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