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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Solane Advocates Positive Filipino Values

ISLA LPG Corp. (ILC), the owner of the brand Solane, the country’s leading LPG solutions company launches a new advocacy campaign that reminds its consumers about positive Filipino vales that leans towards family.

The “Dapat Lang,” campaign is a program that gives emphasis on the importance of doing the right things- for the family, for other people, or for the community. It also promotes traditional Filipino values which are somehow getting shelved because of today’s fast-paced and modern setting. These values include commitment to the family, honest, hard work, respect for others, and integrity.

“As we prepare for the many changes happening in our environment, we at ISLA LPG would like to remind everyone of the Filipino values that define us as a people and to put importance on the family, being a good neighbor and a valuable member of society,” saild ILC CEO Ruben Domingo. “Our new campaign reminds all of us- our consumers, employees, and business partners- to do the right thing in everything we do, all the time, wherever we are, in order to truly bring out positive change in all of us.”

Aside from the campaign, Solane also launched its new website which highlights the various ways of Solane in the every day life of its consumers. The new site also features a blog that will serve as a tool for Solane to communicate with its consumers, especially the moms. There will be quick and easy recipes, and other cooking tips for the family, how to keep a safe environment at work and at home, and a whole lot more of important articles for the consumers.

“We value our consumers’ safety and we ensure that it is our key priority,” added Mr. Domingo. “We also value our customers’ trust by providing excellent products and services that are well worth their family’s hard-earned money.”

And true to its commitment to safety, Solane or ISLA LPG holds a regular seminar for its consumers about safety and other important tips that Solane can give to its consumers.

Also, ISLA LPG doesn’t just offer Solane Hatid-Bahay Service, the riders or those who deliver the Solane LPG to consumers are well-trained riders who conducts weight check upon delivery to ensure that it is the right weight. The riders also check the surroundings, regulator and valve connection for the consumers’ safety.

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