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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Regine Velasquez: On Being A Super Mom

Super moms are a rare breed of mommies. They play many roles not just in the home but in the workplace and community as well. They are not just the guiding light but is the driving force at home.

Having a lot of responsibility is a tough challenge for songbird and TV host Ms. Regine Velasquez- Alcasid especially now that her son is growing up fast. She exemplifies the modern-day Filipino mom who strikes the balance between her hectic work schedule and her role as a family woman. And thanks to technology, it helped her a lot in taking care of the family’s safety and security even when she is not at home.

“Technology helps me become a better mom,” she revealed. “Specifically, I get a lot of help from PLDT HOME.” Regine, who is also an ambassador for the brand added that, “They have a suite of products an services that are designed to give moms like me a peace of mind through the power of technology. So far, super helpful talaga sya for me especially when I have to be away for work.”

PLDT HOME promotes the Fam Cam and Smart Watch, two products which will give working moms like Regine peace of mind about the safety of their families.

The Fam Cam is a monitoring system which allows parents to check on their children remotely, and even communicate with them. The Smart Watch, a personal favorite of her son, Nate, is a multi-functional gadget which kids can use to take photos, play music, and even record voices messages.

Mommy Regines says that she can Nate love using the Smart Watch because it is so easy to use. Nate can directly answer her calls using his watch when it is connected to their Telpad or a smart phone. The Alcasids also use it as a WiFi remote for the Telpad or smart phone cameras.

The Smart Watch also teaches Nate to become more responsible and aware of his surroundings. The Smart Watch can come to the rescue using the anti-lost feature. He simply has to click on a button and the connected device will make a sound so it can be located. The Smart Watch will also vibrate if Nate goes more than 10 meters away from the paired device so if the Telpad or smart phone is with Mommy Regine or Daddy Ogie, it will remind him to go back to them.

And just like Mom Regine, Nate was recently launched as the new ambassador for the Smart Watch.

“We are very excited to have Nate on board,” PLDT VP and Home Marketing Director Gary Dujali said. “He represents the kids of his generation- perennially curious, smart and dynamic. Together with his mom, we look forward to reaching to more familiies and educating them about the ways technology can help bring them closer.”

And Super Mom Regine is now a stage-mom, “Syempre, I’m super proud of my baby boy! PLDT HOME is close to our hearts and as a family, we are proof that technology can really help make our lives safer and easier.”

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