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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vote For ME, Vote For CHANGE

The Philippine National Election Day is almost upon us and choosing the right candidates plays heavily on my mind. Also, since this is the Digital Age, everyone I know, as well as the rest of the Filipino people who has an FB, Twitter, Instagram, and even blogs seem to be bent on promoting and bashing candidates.

Are we, as a nation, being too passionate with these election issues that we are on the brink of losing our morality? What are we teaching are children? Because everyone seem to be opinionated all of the sudden (especially on social media), even children are brainwashed by the political bickering they read on social media.

As a parent, I am quite alarmed and I guess that I have never been more involved in assessing which candidates are my choices this coming May 9 Election. I feel that when I cast my vote, I am trusting these candidates to secure a safe, bright, and progressive future for my child.

Take note though, that I am not endorsing any candidate here. I just want to voice out my concerns as a parent. I always believe that children are like "sponges" and they absorb anything they hear, see, and those things that adults tell them. That is usually how a child's character is being molded. Not just from school, but mostly from the environment, and yes- the social media.

So going back to the election, here are some of the things I want my candidate to possess:

1. He or She must be a God-fearing candidate.
2. Has moral integrity.
3. Impressive track record in politics (sorry, I won't vote for celebrities).
4. Has concrete plans of his or her term (not full of promises).
5. He or she must be "educated." Not just a college/university graduate, but has a "brain," and knows how to use it.
6. Humanitarian.
7. Knows diplomacy and humility.
8. Can protect the country.
9. A friend to nature and the environment.
10. Can do wonderful things for our nation.

I know there should be more on the list but it would be great if you can help me out by adding your own list.

Let's do this not for us, but for the future of our children, and our country. Vote for ME! Vote for

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  1. I haven't registered as a voter unfortunately so I am mostly relying on others to do what is right too. I really hope that they choose who we need and not just who they want. 6 years is long...

  2. I personally feel, it would take alot more to make this country turn around. More than good leaders we need as a nation a deep love for our country not just our family.

  3. I'm not able to vote this coming presidential election because my record in comelec it's not updated... One thing that I can help this coming election is my prayers that God will move the heart of Pilipino voters to vote the right person who will lead this country.

  4. It's really alarming how some people believe memes or satirical sites in a snap. More than popularity, I hope the winning candidate has what it takes to make the country better.

  5. I have to agree that all these election debates, tirades and even memes particularly in social media is getting a little out of hand. I personally had to unfollow/hide several people from my timeline. I'm not registered to vote as well but I guess what voters need to remember is that their choice/role doesn't end come election day. Whoever they vote will be there for at most 6 years so it pays to make wise choices.

  6. Great criteria in choosing who to vote! I won't be voting for celebrities who weren't able to prove anything either.

  7. Philippine politics is such a circus! Hay! I hope and pray that a better Philippines will come emerge under the new president's leadership. We all do need to work together on it though, starting with the individual citizens of the country.

  8. Choosing a candidate is definitely a serious matter but like you, I am also appalled by a lot of people's actions just in the name of supporting a candidate. Families and friends are getting into fights with each other. I just hope that whoever wins will really be the best one to run the country.

  9. we all have our own president and i hope whatever our reasons are for choosing him/her, we have put into mind the future of our kids. Six years is too short for a good president but too long for a bad one. And heres to hoping too that the may 9 election be peaceful.

  10. this is a good list to begin with. When I chose my presidential candidate, I listed down all the positive and negative sides of each. I chose one that I'd feel less guilty for voting in case something goes wrong. 6 years is a long time.

  11. I'm guilty of not assessing candidates too well. I tend to judge based on my biases and there are candidates that tick me off so much that I couldn't care for their platforms. I'll try to be more open-minded this time.

  12. The elections this year have certainly created a stir. I've seen ALOT of discussions on social media about it. I hope the next president focuses on making the Philippines the great country it should be.

  13. Let us hope that this election brings about change in our politics and our society as a whole. That is a great checklist to consider for everyone who is voting on Monday. Let us all pray for the Philippines and the Filipino people

  14. What can you say about the results? :) To be honest, I just hope that the next administration will address crucial issues while keeping due process in mind.

    1. I think that we (as a nation, as Filipinos) are a bunch of complainers .. before the elections, we complain.. after the election, we complain. Hay naku!


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