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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Green Day's American Idiot in Manila

Green Day. Everyone must've heard of that pop punk/ punk rock band at least once. Thanks to their popular songs American Idiot, Basket Case, 21 Guns, Wake Me Up When September Ends and a couple more being played in music radio stations and public places, or simply because you're a fan.

Well over their years of fame, the band met with award-winning director Michael Mayer to produce a rock opera of the album American Idiot which opened during the end of 2009. Speaking of American Idiot rock opera, for the Filipino fans, the stage play will be brought to Manila with popular rock and theater names. Before all of that though, here's a little story on how Robbie Guevara, the director of Green Day's American Idiot in the Philippines got the rights for the play.

So Robbie knew someone who watched the original musical in New York during 2010 that had a so-so reaction about it. Then after watching it a second time about a year later, he was all - "when do we get the rights for this?" Fast forwarding to 2012 when Robbie was searching the net how to get the rights for the stage place. He got in touch with the PR company who forwarded him to one of the producers who also forwarded him this time, to the main producer. So Robbie asked if they had any plans of touring the performance while the producer said there wasn't any plan at the moment to do so and to contact him in a year.

One year later, Robbie contacted him again. He was really persistent. They were focused on their tour in the US. Months later with short emails, still nothing. Mid-2015, they finally got it, after quite awhile with lots of emailing.

They partnered with Globe Telecom. Joe Caliro, Head of Globe Retail Transformation and Stores Management said he even fell out of his chair when the Green Day's American Idiot was suggested for the partnership because he was a Green Day fan. He also said that the Globe Iconic Store in BGC, where American Idiot will also be held, can also be a venue for music fests, movie showings and theater.

The cast includes four rock icons, Basti Artadi of Wolfgang, Miggy Chavez of Chicosci, Jason Fernandez and Norby David who are both former Rivermaya vocalists. There's also veteran thespian, Nel Gomez and other known names in the theater industry.

When together the cast tended to be familiar and friendly with each other. Some are huge fans of Green Day while some only got back to listening to the band because they were chosen for the role. Although they admitted to liking the band's songs.

Stay tuned to Globe's further announcements on American Idiot. It's something different from how theater usually is presented.

Green Day's American Idiot will have a total of 9 night shows beginning June 24 to July 9, 2016. More details at Tickets are now available for purchase at:

words and photos by: Isabel Sofia

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