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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FICTION: Lunches And Stilettos Part 2

The smell of freshly brewed coffee woke me up. I stared at the ceiling, a splash of sunshine and shadows dancing. I feel disoriented- a bad case of hangover, I said to myself as I force myself to stand up and feel my way to the bathroom.

The cold water against my face seem to have helped in waking up my senses and I suddenly realized this is not my bathroom. I looked around hoping for something familiar to wake me up just in case I am having a bad dream. Then there's the tightening in my stomach as realization hit me.


Teena was tapping her red lacquered nails impatiently. There's a slight frown on her usually cheerful face. "Are we on for tonight, or what?"

I stared at my fork, the blueberry cheesecake untouched and unnoticed. It was way past two in the afternoon and soon it will be time to fetch Caitlin from school. A quick glance at Teena tells me that she's really excited to go and I don't have the heart to tell her that nightlife isn't really my thing. I was still thinking of how to tell her that I won't make it tonight because no one's going to look after Caitlin when Teena's phone beat me to it.

You won't believe how a person's smile can lighten up a gloomy day and my gloomy thoughts. I was smiling myself when Teena answered her phone. I really don't need her to tell me who called and what they talked about. They had a rather loud phone conversation that I'm sure even the diners nearby was able to hear snippets here and there.

"I'm so sorry about cancelling our plans for tonight," Teena said apologetically. "But JP said he has a surprise for me." She can't help giggling excitedly, her eyes glowing with excitement. And she went on to tell me what she and JP talked about on the phone.

I am not really prone to enviousness but sometimes, most of the time if I will be truthful- I can say that I envy Teena. With her seemingly complicated but simple life.

My mother used to tell me that there's no such thing as a coincidence. We draw people to us for a reason, whether it is good or bad. I miss my mother and her words of wisdom. Bacolod seem to be a very far away place and I could use a mother's hug right now.

Bien didn't really tell me that we are relocating to Manila until the last minute. I know my parents were against it but my father relented when Mamita, Bien's mother said that it is for Caitlin's future. And if there's something that everyone of us agrees on without question, it is Caitlin.

I did find it amusing though that everything's already planned and bought even before we arrived in the city. Bien insisted that I leave our things in Bacolod because our new house is already furnished.

Bien and I used to play when we were young. His father and my father were cock-fighting buddies. I am so used to seeing him in our house and used to being teased that we will end up as sweethearts that I didn't notice the other boys who tried to court me when I was in my teens. My world was already complete because I have Bien.

Lunches And Stilettos Part 1


  1. I have to read the part 1 so I can relate. I've been to Bacolod and I can say that life is pretty much different in Manila but I'm sure you can adjust even in Caitlin's school. :)

  2. Is it really better in Manila, I wonder. Sometimes I think places like Cebu and Davao are healthier.

    1. Living/ working in Manila is similar to the "Great American Dream" :) - edel

  3. It's hard to cancel out plans with a friend but they'll understand if they're real friends.


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