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Monday, March 17, 2014

My Thomas Sabo

I've been mulling about getting a starter bracelet from Thomas Sabo for about a month now and I'm glad that I waited because hubby gave it to me when we celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday. Yey!

Thomas Sabo is known for its charm bracelets and the newly launched "karma" beads collection.

The bracelet is made from sterling silver and they offer a lifetime "free" cleaning service. Thumbs up! There's a "rose" gold starter bracelet also but I am more comfortable with the silver one. Besides, it matches my silver wedding ring perfectly.

There are so many charms to choose from but I'll just enjoy my "heart" for the time being. You can check the charms here.

Thomas Sabo has branches in Powerplant Mall, SM MOA, and Shangri-La Plaza.


  1. Oh how sweet! There, you see? Hubby paid attention to your desires. Have fun filling up that lovely chain with your favorite charms!
    The Mrs. Diaz Chronicle
    Maita Atienza Makeup

  2. That's cute! I'm curious about the Mickey Mouse logo though. Hehe

  3. That's really sweet! :)

  4. Sweet! I love the bracelet! I've completed a charm bracelet from them, and got a long, gold-plated necklace with sun pendant paired with another simple mother-of-pearl pendant. Too bad the gold is starting to fade. Maybe I can bring it back to the store so they can restore it. I also got a pair of hoop earrings for everyday wear. I love Thomas Sabo!


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