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Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Baby Is Now Officially A Teener

I still can't believe that my daughter is now in her "teen" years. It feels like she's still that baby in my arms and the toddler that doesn't want to let go of my hand. 

But I know I can't hold unto her forever and she needs to spread her wings also. And even before she celebrated her 13th birthday last month, I already noticed changes such as being more particular with her clothes and shoes, wanting to spend more time with her friends, doing more extra-curricular activities like sports (basketball and badminton) and clubs, etc. 

And thanks to Pure 'n Fresh Blush Berry Cologne for keeping her fresh and nice even if she's been up and about the whole day. The sweet fruity scent also matches perfectly with her as a tweener- young and vibrant! There's also Pure 'n Fresh Fabulously Fruity Feminine Wash that helps in keeping her "feeling" fresh and clean especially after playing basketball or badminton. 

I'm glad that these Unilab products agree with her especially the cologne which she just brought to school when she had her P.E. She said the smelled so nice after dabbing some cologne on her; they played basketball in P.E. that time.

Although I don't want her to grow up too fast, I can't help but get excited when she begins to attend proms and other formal events in school. Some of her cousins just had their proms and I'm sure she'll enjoy listening to their tales of a magical prom night. ;)

Please watch the short video of Ms. Julia Barretto and what she thinks about Pure 'n Fresh Feminine Wash and Cologne. 

Visit: for more updates about Pure 'n Fresh.


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