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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Puerto Del Sol: A Hidden Gem In Bolinao Part1

Went to an unplanned out-of-town travel with family friends before New Year 2014. The road trip led us to Baguio, Bolinao, Dagupan and Manaoag.

After a day and a half in Baguio (we didn't really enjoy since traffic was pretty bad and lots of people every where), we hied off to Bolinao, Pangasinan. I thought at first that its going to be a short ride but it took us 4 hours to get there from Baguio. We passed by Kennon Road then via Bonoan, Dagupan till we reached the outskirts of Bolinao. From the highway, the resort is about 5-7 kms away. But upon arriving at Puerto Del Sol, I realized that the long trip and the sore back and cramped legs was all worth it. It was definitely one of the finest beaches in the Philippines.

Just looking at the clear blue water made me thankful that Isabel and I joined this trip. Actually, we were thinking of just staying in Baguio and maybe sleep until its time to go back to Manila but I'm really, really glad we did not. The sound of lapping waves and the cool sea (West Philippine Sea) breeze are pure poetry and very rejuvenating.

From the road, the place doesn't look inviting at all but once you step inside you'll be transported to paradise. The staff are very friendly also and you will be given a necklace made of seashells and a glass of fresh buko juice upon arrival.

We stayed at the second floor of this mansion. There are several "mansions" in Puerto del Sol, including a "Bahay Kubo" which unfortunately was occupied when we arrived. I heard that there's also a "dormitory" for larger groups.

Our room has two twin beds but it can accommodate up to a total of 4 pax. You can get another mattress for an additional fee. The small balcony has a nice view of the swimming pool. There's also aircon, cable tv and mini-fridge. Room was quite relaxing and I had a short nap before joining the kids who already ran off to the swimming pool. CR is quite nice also except that the kids complain that the water in the faucet and shower is salty.

The swimming pool was quite big with an area for small kids (water is about 2 ft deep), the middle pool (4 ft deep) and the adults area (5 ft deep). There are several lounging chairs and tables around the area for you to relax and maybe doze off while your kids play in the pool.

The resort also offers a free 1 hour use of their kayak. However, it is best to use the kayak in the afternoon since it is low tide during the morning till about 11am. Swimming in the beach is until 8pm only and they close the gates.

That's us having late afternoon snack in the outdoor restaurant. The view was really marvelous and its such fun to dine here with family and great friends. Please check my food review here.

It took us a while (adults) to finish our snacks while enjoying the view. The kids went back to the pool. The sun came down as we were finishing our snacks and we had a lovely view of the sunset.

The kids had fun in the pool till dinnertime which began at 7pm in the dining area. They have a buffet and a la carte for guests.

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  1. So lovely, I miss the beach. I have never been to Bolinao, hopefully I will get to tick this off my "places to visit" list this 2014 :)

    1. I love the beach too! And yes, include a trip to Bolinao in your places to visit list. Really worth the long trip. Siguro if coming from Manila travel time would be around 6hrs. Yikes!

  2. Travelling relaxes the mind and refreshes the soul... the beach actually is enchanting.


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