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Thursday, January 9, 2014

DC Shoes Shopping

After attending the Rumble Yard event at Solenand 2 in Nuvali last December, Isabel got excited because it seems that the latest craze in Sixth Grade (she's a sixth grader) are sneakers and hi-cuts. I remember when she's in Grade Five it was hoodies! Hayyy kids talaga. Anyways, I didn't realize that my kid is knowledgeable when it comes to other sneakers brand and DC.

These beauties caught her eye and I even wanted to have one for myself- feeling teenager! I love the colors and they're comfy to wear also.

DC Shoes was founded by Ken Block and Damon Way in 1993 and the shoes are favored by most skaters. It has also evolved into a global action sports brand. 

There are tons of choices but Isabel's heart is set on getting something cutesy. You can check DC Shoes Philippines here.

It was fun going on a shoe shopping with my daughter. I didn't know that she'll be as shoe-crazed as I am.

The happy camper with her pair of DC Shoes which we got from ResToeRun in Robinsons, Magnolia. I think we visited several stores before she found the one she likes the most. And lucky me because we have the same shoe size. ;)


  1. The black-and-pink and purple shoes in the first photo are cute. But I still wouldn't trade my beloved Chucks for anything. ;)

    1. My daughter almost got the black one but changed her mind. She ended up with the green one because she's loyal to the school color! lol


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