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Saturday, January 11, 2014

BOOK LAUNCH: Katipunan Ng Mga Kids

Last December 28, Isabel and I chanced upon a book launching activity at Mt. Cloud Bookshop along Session Road, Baguio City. The book being launched was "What Kids Should Know About Andres and The Katipunan" by Weng Cahiles.

I love everything about the Katipunan since my grandfather was a katipunero and was promoted to "Tiniente" by Macario Sakay. My family has the original signed document. Will make a post about that soon.

The kids was asked to come in Katipunero costumes and they were so adorable especially this small kid who loves books so much that he's eating it. Food for the brain! ;)

That's the author, Weng Cahiles with a friend. The author discussed what its like to be a Katipunero and taught the kids some hand signals that will identify a fellow Katipunero.

The Cedula. The audience was asked to fill up the cedula so that we can all tear it up afterwards. Cool! The kids get to feel what its like to live in the world of the Katipuneros.

Another young Katipunero.

Weng Cahiles and the Katipuneros having a grand time tearing up the cedulas. This is a reenacted of the "Sigaw ng Balintawak" or Cry of Balintawak which marked the beginning of the Philippine Revolution against the oppressive rule of Spain. We have to thank Andres Bonifacio for it.


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