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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

To Love And Cherish

I am not really fond of watching television, nor to I indulge in showbiz gossip. However, I've seen the "Maricar and Richard Poon" wedding video trending on fb since yesterday and curiosity got me today. Yes, I finally gave in and watched the video. 

Here's the link:

And I don't really read showbiz news but if more than half of the people I encounter every day talks about something, then it gets into my consciousness. So I have more or less an idea of Maricar's past lovelife, etc. Uy, and we're on first-name basis pa! hehe. Kidding aside, watching the wedding video made me cry. So much love and happiness from the newlyweds. I'm glad I'm here alone in my office area at home, otherwise, hubby and daughter might panic and ask what's happening to me.. hahaha. 

For Maricar, this is not the end of the fairy tale but the beginning. Love and cherish your Prince even if he turns out to be a frog.  For Richard, continue to be not just the Prince Charming, but the Fairy Prince to your Princess as well. I wish the newlyweds an eventful and blissful life together. 


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