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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blog Ambassador For My World

My World. The United Nations Global Survey for A Better World.

Two weeks ago, I happen to read an invitation to blog and answer the United Nations global survey which you can find here. I blogged about it --- Let's Help Build A Better World in my other blog. But there's still a time for you, guys to vote your top 6 choices. Since this is a global campaign, all the answers will be collated by the United Nations My World Team and then the projects will commence on 2015.

Now, why 2015? Not 2013, not 2014?
It is because the programs that the United Nations have been doing for more than 10 years is about to wrap up. It doesn't mean that they will stop at that but there's going to be a "new" direction of previous programs plus the "new" programs.

This I learned (and much more) from being invited to the United Nations Philippines HQ last week where I, along with other bloggers and media personalities and media partners were given a tour around the office (UNDP and UNICEF Departments) and got our brains picked for the My World 2015 Campaign.

The lovely Ms. Luiza Carvalho explaining to us about the campaign and how the United Nations delegates will sit down and debate on what issues to tackle.

The Crazy Bunch monkeying in front of the camera. Group photo was taken by Mr. Alex Regaspi.

That's Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the current United Nations President.

Years ago, one of our most celebrated Statesman held that post--- Mr. United Nations, as he was dubbed by his colleagues, and was elected in 1949 as president of the United Nations General Assembly, and the first Asian also to hold that post. Of course, I'm referring to the big man himself--- General Carlos P. Romulo.

To know more about him, please visit the Carlos P. Romulo website.

"Words and ideas are more powerful than guns in the defense of human dignity. Treaties are stronger than armamented boundaries. The only impregnable line is that of human understanding." 

Please click the My World UN Global Survey to vote. Thank you. :)


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