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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

GADGET REVIEW: Alcatel Soleil One Touch


Android 4.3
Dual Sim
1GHz Dual Core
4.0 Display
Micro SD Support
2G internal memory
Colors Available: Black, White, Mauve

Here's my personal review:

Aesthetically speaking, this is a very classy-looking mobile phone especially if you happen to get the white one. It looks very neat and clean, and it's not that bulky to hold. The size is just right for my palm.

As for the screen, the size of the icons and the font are also perfect. As for the font, it can still be adjusted to make it smaller or bigger. I find that reading ebooks in this phone is not difficult.

The wifi connection also works nicely and surfing or checking emails is easy.

The battery is another matter though. I noticed that if I used a lot of apps, the battery tends to drain fast and I need to charge it 2x in a day. But after a week of using it, I discovered that you can just turn off the phone for an hour or two if the battery is low and it will recharge "magically" once you turn it on. Nice, right?

As for the camera, I find that some shots were not that clear or a bit blurry. I'm not sure if its because of the settings since I really haven't read the manual nor toyed with the camera settings. But that's okay since I only use the photos for IG.

My only complaint is that there are no available cases for Alcatel Soleil and maybe with other Alcatel phones also since this brand is a newbie on android phones.

And I didn't buy this phone, I just got it from my mobile network provider for being a loyal subscriber so I'm not sure how much is the market value.


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