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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

PlayPark's Dream Of A New World Begins August 31

Exciting times for gamers as PlayPark's latest mobile RPG Dream of A New World opens its doors today for a Closed Beta Test (CBT) that will run from today, August 31 to September 5, 2022. Those who pre-registered will be able to experience the Beta version of Mulland and explore it with their friends. Do note that there will be a server wipe after the CBT.

The CBT comes after the limited-capacity Alpha Test conducted last July 21-24, 2022. The PlayPark DNW Team, working with the developers from Archosaur Games, have incorporated the improvements from the Alpha Test in order to bring the game one step closer to its grand launch. And to celebrate the Closed Beta, the team has lined up a lot of in-game and community activities for the pioneer Dreamers who will take their first steps into the world of Mulland! 

Those who pre-registered and will play during the CBT will receive the exclusive CBT Pioneer signature for claiming the official launch of the game. There will be stretch goals containing more rewards, costumes, and a title if the milestones are met. 

During the CBT period, the PlayPark DNW team will also be giving away random rewards at random intervals to players who are online and can participate in the activities and tasks that the GM will announce. The rewards include costumes, gear, special pets, mounts, headgear, and even diamonds to fuel your gacha needs. 

Other activities include a Level Race open to all CBT participants and winners will get lots of in-game rewards to help their adventure. There will also be an Aether Purification Run with the GM where players can team up with the Dream of A New World GMs to speed clear dungeons through the power of teamwork and friendship.

If you're an aspiring content creator, then you're in luck. The PlayPark DNW team is looking for streamers, guide creators both video both video and written, and cosplayers. All you need to do is get your portfolio sorted and fill out the SPECIAL FORM, and wait for feedback from the team. Exclusive DNW gear, merch, and a title will be reserved for chosen content creators, so get those ideas flowing while you'r experiencing DNW.


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