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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Lenovo's Smart Classroons

Lenovo Smart Classroom is an intelligent hybrid learning solution that makes learning more interactive, effective and enjoyable for students and educators. Combining AI, big data, cloud computing, and other advanced technology, Lenovo Smart Classroom was developed with the aim of empowering primary and secondary schools to better organize instructional workflows. With this solution, traditional classrooms become vibrant hubs for knowledge sharing and collaboration, allowing teachers to be able to focus more on engaging students and equipping them with knowledge and skills for success.

With a comprehensive solution including hardware, software, and services, Lenovo Smart Classroom simplifies content management, promotes student engagement, ensures visibility on student progress, and secures student devices anytime and anywhere. This benefits teachers, students, and parents, as well as school IT and administrators. 

With a more streamlined workflow in preparing learning materials and classroom management, educators can seamlessly complement their teaching. Students can stay connected and continue learning even at home, as classes and assignments are delivered to their devices directly. Further, AI-powered modules let them learn independently at their own pace. School and IT administrators can optimize IT operations, ensure compliance, data security, and asset accountability to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for students. 

Lenovo Smart Classroom also features Veative, a platform that houses over 500 virtual tour learning modules across subjects, accessible to students at home or in school. It also comes with classroom and content management services, and reports and analytics for educators to easily track students' performance. 

More than just a learning management system, Lenovo Smart Classroom also guarantees the necessary support and training for a seamless transition into the digital age of education. The solution offers online and onsite training and all-in-one support for Lenovo devices, interactive whiteboard, content digitization, and more. This enables Lenovo to tailor solutions to meet the schools' needs. 

With Lenovo Smart Classroom, a new age of learning and teaching is attainable with only a few simple steps. 


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