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Friday, November 26, 2021

Goldwins Comida Corporation: Commitment to Serve Customers & Community This Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and one of the most affected sector are the restaurant industry. With limitations imposed on dine-in services and branches operating at reduced hours, this sector easily became one of the hardest hit and has incurred millions of deficits, layoffs, and even permanent closures. 

"The previous year, 2020, has been the most challenging year for all of us. Being in a restaurant business where casual dine-in has been the norm, placing the entire country under EQC was a blig blow," said Pauline Bondad, VP of Silver Peak Group of Companies (SPGC). 

Since the onset of the pandemic, SPGC's group of restaurants has been keeping up with the drastic change brought about by lockdowns. 

Goldwins Comida Corporation which is part of SPGC challenged themselves and has successfully pivoted amidst lockdowns and uncertainties. 

With all the changes presented to the company, they realized the need to re-center the business and uphold its unbreakable commitment to maintain its core of keeping the best interest of its stake holders in their operations. 

"Amid the test of our times, we gave more importance to living out our core values. Our core values of selflessness, integrity, loyalty, versatility, excellence, and respect," explained Bondad.

With renewed trust and commitment to serve customers and community, the group has launched campaigns within the company to provide financial stability and regard the welfare of its employees, while still providing a memorable dining experience to their customers. 

"I always believe that the true growth of a company is not only measured by profit but also by the number of employees whose lives it has improved. When times get rough, it is an opportunity to give more significance to our local community," added Bondad. 

Likewise, the company explored more creative and innovative ways to generate income to keep the business afloat and extend service to their customers more efficiently. They strengthened their delivery services to allow patrons to enjoy their favorite dishes even in the comforts of their homes. 

To realize their vision, the company sought the expertise of PLDT Enterprise for connectivity solutions that empowers the business with strong and reliable internet to support store operations.

"PLDT Enterprise has been filling the gap in providing solutions that our company alone cannot provide. Our restaurants need help in reaching out to people and at the same time people reaching to us whenever they order," said Bondad.

"We at PLDT Enterprise have been assisting companies as they navigate the challenges of the new normal. Through our reliable enterprise solutions, we aim to enable businesses to overcome the difficulties they face with the help of technology. We thank Goldwins Comida Corporation for their continued trust in our capability and we assure them of our commitment to being their reliable partner in solving their modern-day business challenges," said Jojo Gendrano, FVP and Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise. 

PLDT Enterprise recently introduced its Unbreakable Commitment campaign to highlight its partnerships with different organizations in the country to exhibit how collaborations helped companies to thrive amid difficult circumstances and in turn, contribute to the lives of Filipinos. 

The campaign also reinforces PLDT Enterprise's unbreakable commitment to boost the efficiency and productivity of organizations with the use of technology. 

The country's largest fully integrated telecommunications provider has been a constant support to companies such as Goldwins Comida Corporation as it embraces digital transformation to adapt to the evolving business environment. 

"PLDT Enterprise's vision is aligned with our vision. Always prioritizing the guest and employees. Our restaurant needs to be present and preferred by the market to generate sales. We need to market our brand through the help of your technology," said Bondad. 

The company believes that a successful business needs not only to be efficient and resilient but also responsive to the needs of of its employees, customers, and the community it serves. With the help of the right partner, the company is bound to take off to reach new heights and emerge victorious despite the hindrances it may encounter. 

"I encourage all of those who are just starting to have their business just to keep on going and pursue; always to make your business sustainable, and for my fellow entrepreneurs, remember to always live your lives with purpose. From the darkness of the pandemic comes the realization that we need to strive harder and move forward to our road of excellence," concluded Bondad.

Watch Goldwins Comida Corporations interview here:

To know more about PLDT Enterprise business solutions and other services, visit PLDT ENTERPRISE.


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