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Monday, December 7, 2020

Kitchen-ready For The Holiday Season

Christmas is not cancelled, I repeat ... Christmas is not cancelled! 

The holiday season is going to be a lot different this year but one can't just ignore this beloved family tradition of preparing a feast for Noche Buena and on Christmas Day. Yes, we may skip numerous parties this year as we are still in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic but- Christmas is definitely not cancelled at home!

Here are three easy to do that also ensure safety in the kitchen during the holiday season:

1. Think ahead and pre-order if possible

No need to wait in line in the supermarket for ingredients. Filipinos are known to make last minute purchases but with Covid-19 around, this is not a great idea. Plan your Christmas menu in advance so that you know what ingredients to stock on your pantry. For cakes and lechon or roast beef, baked salmon or even turkey, you need to order that in advance also. Doing things in advance makes things less stressful when you need to prepare it already.

2. Step up the cleaning game

Make sure that the house (especially the kitchen) is spic-and-span for Christmas. Level up the sanitation game so that you need not worry about virus transmission. Don't be afraid of criticism if you have more than enough alcohol, disinfectants, soaps, towel napkins around the house. Health is precious nowadays. 

3. Invest in smart, safe, and reliable kitchen equipment

It is best to invest in cookware and other kitchen and cooking tools that lasts. These tools will help save a lot of time and energy for other important things like family bonding.

Of course, another safe investment in the kitchen is LPG that you use for cooking. Choose a verified brand like Solane to ensure that the fuel you'll use is clean, safe and adequate for any kind of celebration. Verified Solane tanks are thoroughly inspected from refilling to installation which also guarantees that your household will not be exposed to potential gas leaks that may lead to mishaps like fire accidents, gas poisoning, and explosions.

And despite the challenges of living through a pandemic, our "new normal" lifestyle, the holiday doesn't have to be sadder, only safer! By doing these steps, you and your family can make most of your holidays in a safe manner. 

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