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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Why Wait for 12.12? Free Shipping with Amway

It is always exciting to shop online although sometimes, you also get frustrated when the delivery gets delayed especially during sale season. Luckily, there are now many options to buy online and save on shipping fees even without waiting for sale season.

Here are some shopping item suggestions:

Health Boosters like Vitamin C are very important nowadays as it acts like a personal PPE that makes the body healthy. Nutrilite is one such product that go the extra mile with their plant-based supplements.

Home Essentials like sanitizers and disinfectants should always be available at home so that you are sure of cleanliness. There's Amway Pursue Hand Sanitizer and PURSUE Disinfectant Cleaner

Workout Fuel for that active quarantine lifestyle. We all need to keep fit and healthy even inside the home, right? Sugar-free and carb-free like XS Energy Drink is perfect for post-workout.

Plantito and Plantita Needs for those who discovered their "green" thumb during quarantine should also treat their plants to some TLC. Do check Amway's Nutriplant.

Grooming necessities are also a must since we all need to look good even for ourself. Looking nice is akin to feeling nice. There's Artistry Studio, Glister toothpaste, Satinique hair products and G&H body essentials for that every day grooming needs.

It's very easy to shop for these things also at Amway Exclusive Shopper. Simply sign up as an AE Shopper and get the best Amways products at distributor prices. Items can also be returned within 100 days with no questions asked and all logistics covered. Membership comes free consultation with health and beauty experts. Free shipping with low minimum purchase of just P1,000.


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