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Saturday, August 8, 2020

From Communication to Experience

TeamAsia launches its integrated Marketing Experience approach.

As brands navigate through this unprecedented time, they need to have a strategy--- an approach that will help them be agile, adapt to the demands of the 'new normal,' and provide value to their customers. The COVID-19 health crisis continues to change the way consumers perceive the world, which also changes the way they interact with the brands around them. This calls for brands to rise to the challenge of discovering the best way to pivot into the reimagined future.

Being able to adapt to the new landscape starts with recognizing what consumers needs, especially at this time-- meaningful connections despite the restrictions of the community quarantine. TeamAsia, an award-winning marketing agency, does this through their integrated Marketing Experience approach, or IME.

IME is TeamAsia's proprietary strategic marketing approach that empowers consumers to actively take part in a brand's story by engaging them across different channels.

"Staying connected now requires a more involved and experimental form of communication with consumers, and that's what IME is all about. Our approach creates a more equal relationship between brands and consumers and uses multiple channels to deliver a brand's message to the right people at the right time," said Bea Lim, Managing Director of TeamAsia.

TeamAsia recently trademarked and launched IME along with a roster of new projects that can help brands strengthen their connection with consumers. These projects leverage technology and utilize various digital platforms to take brands and their audiences to the next level experience. The Red Cirle, TeamAsia's online publication, provides readers with valuable insights from news and current affairs to the latest happenings in the lifestyle scene. It aspires to inform readers, and influence them in their decision-making, and encourage them to live better, brighter, and more meaningful lives. The agency also announced the second season of their very own podcast, B@B: Breakfast to Business. Season Two will focus on engaging and though-provoking morning conversations about stories and issues of today's times, making the podcast a space where people can "be in the know, and be in the now."

Taking on the challenge of bringing offline experiences online, Team Asia presented the Virtual Arena and TeamAsia Training Online. The Virtual Arena brings events and activations online, while TeamAsia Training Online provides upskilling sessions by industry experts for professional success, especially on effective communication and strategic leadership.

TeamAsia also announced the 12th year of My Dream in a Shoebox (MDIAS), their annual education campaign that equips less fortunate Filipino children with school supplies to help them reach for a brighter future. Because the incoming school year calls for a different set-up, MDIAS has aligned its campaign to address the needs of students for SY 2020-2021. Aside from school supplies and old shoeboxes, MDIAS will also be accepting donations for transistor radios and old tablets that can help students navigate through the 'now normal' in education.
TeamAsia sees these various projects as ways to share impactful stories and create meaningful engagements, even in the future reimagined where physical contact is still limited.

"In TeamAsia's 28 years in the marketing and communications industry, we have always recognized the value of meaningful connections between brands and their audiences. This holds true especially now, and we remain committed to taking brands and their audiences to the next level experience and building these connections through our integrated Marketing Experience approach," said Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, founder and president of TeamAsia.


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