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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Keeping Fit with Garmin Running Watch Available at Shopee

The first month of the Enhanced Community Quarantine has taken a toll on my health, more specifically weight-wise. I guess food bingeing was every one's favorite stress-buster and I was not exempted from it. Really, it is kinda stressful to stay inside the house while hearing news about the multiplying cases of Covid-10 cases both here and abroad. Doctors are advising to boost up one's healthy by eating healthily (yes, I eat a lot) and keeping fit (which I'm not). My daily activity usually revolves around KDramas, and online food delivery, and eat and sleep in between.

It feels like I've wasted a month until reality kicked-in .... errr, my "pambahay" clothes seem to have shrunk! Okay, I admit it, being quarantined at home is dangerous to the waistline. Thankfully, there are tons of exercise videos which are easy to follow.

Proud to say that I've mustered the courage to begin exercising daily and is now on my 2nd month of daily sweating and can fit in my clothes again. Now, I need to treat myself (as a motivation to continue till the "New Normal" is normalized) and I'm looking at this lovely red Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS Running Watch which I found at the Garmin Store in Shopee.

Checking the features, this one not only monitors the heart rate but has a GPS that can track pace, distance, interval, etc. There's also Garmin Coach feature wherein you can customize (personalize) exercise plan. Impressive!

There's quite a number of choices at the Garmin Store in Shopee and it can fit any budget and designs, but my heart was really captivated by this red Garmin Forerunner 45 GPS Running Watch. Another factor is that Garmin is a popular watch companion of sports and fitness buffs so I will be in good company if ever I decide to "add" this item to my Shopee Cart. Or maybe I can ask hubby to get it for me as a Shopee Independence Day treat?

Aside from checking the Shopee website, Shopee app can also be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. Very easy to do, then you get to enjoy shopee-ing at your fingertips.


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