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Thursday, July 25, 2019

RIDGID Donates Vacuum Cleaners in Bulacan Schools to Combat Flood Water

At the onset of rainy season, low lying areas are always prone to floods. And we know that floods are harbinger of diseases and we don't want that to happen especially if there is a school nearby.

In Marilao, Bulacan AFG Bernardino Memorial School and San Miguel- Meysulao High School gets flooded not only when there's a typhoon but even when it rains hard. The sad part is, the location of the school is lower than the nearby house and establishments and that makes it difficult for the school to clean the flooded area.

Recognizing the need to offer assistance and because there is also a dengue outbreak in the metropololis, the RIDGID Team went to two schools in Bulacan to donate wet and dry vacuum cleaners that can suck water left by heavy rains.

RIDGID's wet and dry vacuum cleaners are perfect for cleaning tool to clean stagnant water and dirt from these schools.

"Anyone who has ever had to clean up a flood-soaked floor, a bad spill or even a show stall with a clog, has wished there was a tool or a device that could actually suck standing water or liquid as easily as a conventional vacuum cleaner sucks dust," said Ivy Santos, RIDGID Marketing Leader. "To be able to simply touch a nozzle on large amounts of accumulated standing water and see it quickly, and easily sucked away is something anyone who has had to clean up after a flood with truly appreciate."

When flood occurs in the school, some of the water remains in some rooms and other parts of the school and makes it not safe to use as well as pose health risks. Cleaning those areas with standing water is quite difficult and time consuming but there is the need to clean the puddles so as to avoid dengue and leptospirosis, etc.

The powerful wet and dry vacuum cleaners of RIDGID is perfect in cleaning the flooded parts of the school. It is a powerful tool that has a great suction power, rugged and durable.

"Even just 30 minutes of heavy rain can begin to cause flooding," laments Richard Bagtas, Head Teacher at the AFG Bernardino Memorial School. "Just this June, we lost two full days of school, that doesn't even include days when classes had to be suspended in the middle of the day. Some of our school buildings are very old and have history, these building are where our labs and workshops are, and they are in flood prone areas, so even when flood waters recede, cleanup takes up to two hours, and our students need to do much of the work."

RIDGID Team demonstrated how easy it is to use the wet and dry vacuum cleaners and its efficiency.

At the turn-over, Mr. Bagtas said "The wet dry vacs will be very helpful in our workshop and lab areas all year round. When it floods, we can use them to speed up cleanup and minimize downtime, but even on regular days, our labs, especially our furniture lab, can get very dusty and dirty due to the type of work we do here."

For more details about RIDGID wet and dry vacuums, please visit: RIDGID/Vacuum


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