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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Global Filipino To Air on GMA7 Beginning July 30

More and more Filipinos are now making their marks in the international community and not only are they competitive but they have become successful in what they do- from diverse industries such as automotive, cinema, fashion, tech, these Filipinos have become international influencers in their own little (or big) way. 

Team MMPI has come up with a brand-new show, The Global Filipino, which will air on July 30 at 12:01mn on GMA7. The show tackles the inspiring life stories of world-class Filipinos who persevered and beat the odds and has made their marks in the international scene.

Stefano de Medici who hosts the show travelled all over in the key cities of the world (US, Europe and the Middle East) to meet and interview our Filipino kababayans who have been successful in their own fields and are now internationally famous. 

"It is truly awe-inspiring how these Filipinos have made it so big in the international scene," shares Stefano, who now juggles hosting stings for three other travel and lifestyle shows championing Filipino ingenuity and tourism. Stefano de Medici is also a lifestyle connoisseur, aside from being a businessman. "I learned so much from these Filipinos who went through hell and high water just to get to where they are now. It was definitely not an easy journey for them to get to the top."

"The show is really all about showing the world how determined, hardworking and talented Filipinos are," says Marnie Manicad, the show's director. "I also think it is important that this show will be presented by someone like Stefano who understands the value of globalization in today's society."

The new show, The Global Filipino takes the timeslot of Kuya Germ's iconic show, Master Showman: Walang Tulugan which airs every Sunday on GMA7 at 12:01 midnight.

Team MMPI who happens to be the show's production team is also the same crew behind Turbo Zone, Home Base, The Working Class, Agripreneur, FoodTrip on Starworld, Soundtrip on E! under NBC Universal and TriPinas- the country's hottest travel show which airs on GMA News TV, hosted by Stefano de Medici and Solenn Heusaff. The production team is also behind the award-winning productions that includes the Emmy-nominated National Geographic documentary inside Malacanang, the Patrick Bergin-Dingdong Dantes movie Dance of the Steel Bars based on Cebu's famous dancing inmates, adn 2 Degrees: Panahon Na- a climate change documentary that earned a special citation at the Catholic Mass Media Awards in 2016. 

2GO Travel is the show's co-presenter. 2GO is the biggest shipping and logistics enterprise in the country, cornering the lion's share of marine passenger conveyance in the Philippines. 

THE GLOBAL FILIPINO filmed in the United States, Europe and the Middle East is directed by Marnie Manicad and co-directed by young and talented filmmakers Charmaine Salvador and Van Bomediano. It airs on GMA7 every Sunday at 12:01 midnight. 


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