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Saturday, October 8, 2016

VISITA IGLESIA: Basilica Menor de San Sebastian

One of the loveliest and unique church in the Philippines is San Sebastian church or the Basilica Menor de San Sebastian. Built in the late 1800s, this church is a fine example of gothic architecture and has the distinction of being the only steel church in the country.

The church is also known for being the only pre-fabricated church in the world (source: ). The steel structure was built in Belgium and was transported in 8 shipments. A special altar was also constructed but sadly, the ship carrying it sank.

Here's a lovely view inside the church. Who would've thought that these columns are made of steel, right? I mean, they don't look like steel.

This is the ceiling above the altar. Really hard to take a decent photo unless one is lying down in the middle of it which I can't really do. The photo is still lovely although it is much more magnificent if you see it for yourself.

That one on the right looks like a pulpit but I can see a stair or ladder that goes up to it. Maybe in the olden days they used this pulpit though.

The jaw-dropping high ceiling. This one is on the aisle that leads to the courtyard. The church which was designed by Spanish Architect Genaro Palacious was inspired by the Burgos Cathedral in Spain (source: ).

The colored glass are also imported from Germany from a well-known stained glass company. It is really amazing to look at. The stained glass windows depicts the Station of the Cross.

This is the confessional area. Its not advisable to go inside if you are claustrophobic though. ;)

Here's a nice spiral staircase that leads to one of the towers.

And here's a miniature model of San Sebastian Church. It looks grand although visiting the church itself is a much greater experience.

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***All photos here are taken using ASUS ZenFone 3.

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