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Sunday, October 9, 2016

KIX RU Tough Enough Announces its 10 Finalists

KIX, the ultimate TV destination for action entertainment, announced today the top ten finalists of R U Tough Enough? (RUTE), the nationwide search for the toughest Pinoy. Six male and four female finalists will face one another at the final showdown on October 14 (Friday) at 4 P.M. at The Block Atrium of SM North EDSA for the title of Toughest Pinoy and the grand prize of PHP 250,000.

Coupled with police officer and Mr. International 2014 Neil Perez as the ambassador, the response to R U Tough Enough? has been overwhelming.  Hundreds of tough applicants across the Philippines and all walks of life applied.  Shortlisted applicants were invited for a closed-door audition on September 24.  The final ten tough Pinoys did not only conquer challenges testing their physical and mental strengths, but also overcome their life’s challenges.  Those contestants are “The Protector” Alvin Dizer, “The Unrelenting” Cesar Hinayon, Jr., “The Fighter” Cassie Umali, “The Transcendor” Ralph David Tiu, “The Defyer” Lauren Alexi Lim, “The Supermama” Jennifer Gabriel, “The Enforcer” Jester Calis, “The Reborn” Gabriel Carreon, “The Striver” Ronie Ricones, and “The Achiever” Ian Banzon.

R U Tough Enough? Philippines is sponsored by Fisherman’s Friend, G-Shock and Fern-C, supported by venue partner SM City North EDSA, gym partner Gold’s Gym, supporting partners Columbia Sportswear and Mountain Hardwear, as well as cable partners Cablelink, Cignal TV, Destiny Cable, Gsat and SKYcable; and media partners,, Action Asia and Global News Network.  

KIX is available on Cablelink Ch.54, Cignal TV Ch. 133, Destiny Cable Ch.63, Gsat Ch. 18 and SKYcable Ch.63.


Alvin Dizer
Nickname: The Protector
Age: 28
Occupation: Workforce Coordinator

Description: Alvin may be the baby in his family, but he grew up to be their strongest member. He works nights as a graveyard shift workforce coordinator, and spends his days rebuilding his family's home destroyed by a fire. In a year where his family suffered financial troubles, illness and the loss of every material thing that they owned, it is his positive attitude and hard work that has helped them all move on. A true epitome of resilience, he supports not only his parents, but also his niece and cousins so that they may finish school.

Cesar Hinayon Jr.
Nickname: The Unrelenting
Age: 23
Occupation: Fitness Trainer

Description: Cesar may look carefree but he lived a life far from ordinary. Growing up in a broken family, with a rehabilitated father who was once an addict and an alcoholic, he was surrounded by vices that he could have easily succumbed to. He turned to sports to make himself strong. When his beloved grandfather and uncles started passing away one by one, followed eventually by his own father, instead of becoming depressed, once again sports uplifted him so that life can go on.

Cassie Umali
Nickname: The Fighter
Age: 31
Occupation: Events Host

Description: Cassie is determined to win in everything she sets out to do. An aficionado of competitions, she has played in the women's national rugby team and is the current reigning Ms. Gold's Gym. But it was not always easy for her as she was bullied as a child and up until recent was the victim of cyber bullying. As a result, she has built herself to be a strong woman and has even started her own advocacy that teaches women self-defense, so that no woman will ever feel like a victim again.

Ralph David Tiu
Nickname: The Transcendor
Age: 25
Occupation: Businessman

Description: Ralph was literally once a heavy weight. Weighing in at 273 pounds, he was bullied because of his size which caused him to bully others, too. He joined a weight loss reality program to lose all that weight but he had to endure showing his body on national TV to get there. Continuously surrounded by food due to his family's businesses, he has proven that anyone can achieve a healthy lifestyle if they just put their hearts and minds to it.

Lauren Alexi Lim
Nickname: The Defyer
Age: 23
Occupation: Marketing Manager

Description: As a teenager, Lauren was heavy and was bullied because of her size. It was when she nosedived into power lifting, dancing and running, winning competitions weekend after weekend, that she found her inner strength in fitness and was finally able to fight her insecurities and self doubt. When she decided to join the Ironman race with only four months of training, everyone said it was impossible, but she proved them wrong and won it anyway. This is one girl who pushes herself to know no limits.

Jennifer Gabriel
Nickname: The Supermama
Age: 40
Occupation: Police Woman

Description: Jennifer is the only lady escort of President Duterte in Davao City. When she is not doing police work as a full-fledged motorcycle rider of the Highway Patrol or the President, she is either training, winning fitness competitions or doting on her two children whom she tries to do everything with. To her, being a single mom and raising her children alone is tougher than her dangerous job on the street. But she stays strong and never lets her children see her hardships.

Jester Calis
Nickname: The Enforcer
Age: 25
Occupation: Police Officer

Description: Jester grew up in the Cordillera mountains, working in the farm even as a child. He pursued an education in the hopes that he can one day help his parents financially. To earn money for schooling, he would even carry vegetables in the market. He finally left his Igorot people and mountain home to attend to a bigger calling, the cause to serve the nation as a police officer.

Gabriel Carreon
Nickname: The Reborn
Age: 23
Occupation: Fresh Graduate

Description: Gabriel had a tough childhood as it was sometimes a challenge for the family to make financial ends meet. It was the love and hard work of his mother that helped get them by. But a big revelation in his life threw him into a deep depression and it was fitness and his love for his mom that gave him the will to live and the strength to battle his sadness. Now at the top of his game, he is back fighting as he gears up to take is engineering board exam.

Ronie Ricones
Nickname: The Striver
Age: 22
Occupation: Working Student

Description: With so many challenges in his life, Ronie only strives for one thing, to end up as a winner. Growing up without a father who had two other families apart from Ronie's own, he had no choice but to work, even working as a teenage construction worker, to keep himself in school. He is now employed in a restaurant and even does modeling on the side just to keep paying for his schooling. He dreams of the day when he finally graduates and saves enough to open his own restaurant.

Ian Banzon
Nickname: The Achiever
Age: 28
Occupation: Physician and Coach

Description: Ian never does anything half-heartedly. When she sets her mind to something, whether it is to study medicine as a scholar, or to train as an athlete in badminton, water polo, basketball or swimming, she pushes herself to be the best. Growing up with separated parents, sports has helped her cope and mold herself to live with dedication and determination. Sports has also taught her not to waste her potential and make the best of any situation.


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