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Monday, June 20, 2016

H2O Salamander Crowd Source Funding Campaign

The planet that we live in is very much at risk from global warming or the El Nino phenomenon. And we all know that after El Nino, extreme weather phenomenon takes place and that is what we call La Nina. After experiencing severe drought, the country is now susceptible to flooding due to heavy rains.

In Metro Manila alone, we sometimes can’t cope up with the flood. Have you heard or experienced the flood caused by typhoon Ondoy? Those areas in Metro Manila that didn’t usually encounter floods, did experienced that for the first time. Many families were displaced because the flood damaged their homes, and for some, they also lost some family members. 

So what does it mean? 
It simply mean that we haven’t been taking great care of nature. We haven’t been planting trees, but instead, we cut down trees and flatten mountains and hills to give way to urbanization, which in turn becomes harmful.

Because of the effects of Ondoy especially in Metro Manila,the local government has been busy building flood mitigating infrastructures like improved and sufficient drainage systems and other flood control projects. In the provinces, their own local governments are also doing precautionary measures that gives assurance of safety for its community. But the question is, is that enough since the typhoons has been bringing in more rains and winds as compared to the typhoons decades ago. This must be because Mother Nature is giving us a stern warning that we should do something about the environment.

But let us be practical and think about what we are doing to prepare for such disasters such as flooding. How can people living in 26,000 flood-prone barangays in the Philippines (as identified by the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management) cope with massive flooding and the great challenges that come with it? And even after completing such infrastructures, how about the many other areas outside Metro Manila and other major cities in the Philippines that aren’t included in such infrastructure projects?

In response to this challenging phenomenon, H2O Technologies created the response needed to address the emergency response in flood prone areas all over the country. 

The company has developed H2O Salamander, an amphibian vehicle that can safely run on both land and water (including deep flood waters). The vehicle is a potential game changer in terms of responding to typhoon-related disasters and mitigating the effects of severe flooding, especially in highly urbanized area. The vehicle can be utilize to ensure continuity to provide basic services needed by people in every flood prone barangays. The H2O Salamander can carry up to 6 passengers (driver included) and comes in electricity and gas powered versions.

And because the H2O Salamander is such a nice vehicle that can literally save lives, H2O Technologies teamed-up with the Philippine Red Cross. The Red Cross provides critical disaster management services to local government units (LGUs) severely affected by natural calamities like floods through its disaster relief activities like rescue operations, among others. H2O is partnering with the Philippine Red Cross in helping local government units manage natural calamities better by donating 500 units of the H2O Salamander.

Now here’s the tricky part. To make this partnership successful, there is a need to raise an amount of US$4.3 million. The crowd source funding campaign has a 60-day schedule at, a crowd funding platform for social enterprises, non-profit projects and change makers. The campaign will give social change supporters the opportunity to donate $10, $50, $100, $150 and $2,500 in this campaign.

So what are you waiting for? Visit and send in your donation. Your $10 goes a long way and it will save lives in the near future. 


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